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HOW2Learn at Batlow Technology School

HOW2Learn stands for Higher Order Ways to Learn. It is a Riverina learning strategy that is centred on building students capacity to learn so that they are able to become lifelong learners. At Batlow Technology School, we celebrate mistake making as we know that is part of the learning process. We work together in a collaborative learning community to prepare future citizens to be… resilient, resourceful, reciprocal, reflective and responsible.


 How We Learn


Resilience is when learners are ready, willing and able to work through difficulty when the pressure mounts. Resilience might look like this....

H2L pic 2


Resourcefulness is when learners are ready, willing and able to choose and use resources wisely... Know what to do, when they don't know what to do. Resourcefulness might look like making connections or asking a friend when playing games or learning about something tricky. Resourcefulness might look like this ...

H2L pic 3


Reciprocity is the disposition of knowing when to learn alone, or knowing when to learn with others. Reciprocity might look like this...

H2L pic 4


Reflectiveness is the strategic aspect of learning, where learners are ready, willing and able to be critically self-aware and responsive to feedback. Reflectiveness might look like this…

H2L pic 5


Responsibility is all about being accountable for your individual and community actions towards you, others and the environment. Responsibility might look like this...

H2L pic 6



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